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“Kevin Forbush and his staff of professional attorneys and administrative assistants are magnificent. Kevin has been our family attorney for over 10 years and, based on his integrity, character, and professionalism, we appointed him as the trustee of our estate —that’s how much we trust and depend on him to do what’s right for our family. Kevin is an outstanding leader, visionary, and communicator. He has developed new and creative ways of staying in touch with his clients by offering us educational seminars and other services to help “decode” legal matters and make them easy to understand. His periodic reviews are very helpful in reminding us that regular updates are necessary and required. Kevin’s on-line services are outstanding, yet he and his staff always are available for face-to-face discussions. Forbush Legal has my highest personal endorsement and recommendation.”

Harry Raduege

“Kevin Forbush and his Team are exceptional! We hired him and them to do our Estate Plan to include our two (2) adult sons’ plans. The entire process was well organized, thorough, detailed and presented perfectly! We are involved in the Firm’s annual maintenance program which causes us to think about our Estate Plan on at least an annual basis (and more often if necessary) to ensure that changes are incorporated as necessary and if required by changing laws. I highly recommend Kevin Forbush and his Team for Estate Planning. The cost is very reasonable and well worth every penny! ”

Colonel Michael E. Lowe, USMC (Ret)

“Awesome office to work with. They took the time to really get to know us and our family dynamics. Highly recommend them for all of your estate planning needs.”

Jessica Wilkerson

“I moved to Colorado Springs after retiring from the military. When it was time for my trust to be reviewed and updated I wanted an attorney who had an office that was more than two or three people. I also want to establish a long time relationship. Kevin Forbush was recommended to me. After consulting with him my wife and I decided to have him rewrite and update our trust documentation. He and his staff did a great job. We have been associated with him for several years now and continue to be satisfied. He has a current process in place that reviews your documentation yearly to insure that it is up to date both in the funding areas and current law. In addition he has several seminars a year to keep his clients updated on topics ranging from their estate planning and current laws to topics of interest submitted by his clients. He and his staff use modern on-line technology to manage documentation but are flexible and will provide hard copy for those of us who are more comfortable with a piece of paper in our hands. I have had occasion over the years to call with several legal questions. He and his staff either answer them immediately or if they require research return an answer to me in a short time frame. He and his staff make you feel comfortable in the office. They understand what “assume” means and clearly explain everything pertaining to the issue at hand. Kevin Forbush is not only a great attorney but he is personable and caring about his clients. I highly recommend him to any one who is looking for an attorney.”


“Helpful and informative.”

Edwina Foreman

“Great to work with and very detailed.”

Beau Gertz

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