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Ken grew up in an academic family in the western suburbs of Chicago, coming to Colorado for a driver's license, perfect weather, and a great wife.  St. John's and Colorado College convinced him to stay in education, so he got certified and became a high school English teacher.  Eight years later, it was time to learn something new, so back to school, swapping English for computer language.  Twenty years later, it was time to take a lunch break, so he bought a bagel shop, and set about learning the language of small business.

In the cracks of all this economic activity, there was singing, and strumming.  There was reading, and writing, and teaching and acting.  There was cycling, very bad golf, and parenting Josh.  There was loving and being loved by Becky.

In the legal world, Ken had a variety of experiences.  As a programmer, he assisted large law firms with their time and billing systems.  As a development director, he oversaw the conversion of the Shepard's legal research system from paper to CD-ROM and on to the internet.  After selling his restaurant, it was back to school again, gaining certification as a paralegal before joining Forbush Legal.  He currently serves as the funding coordinator, assisting clients in identifying their assets and properly connecting them with their trusts.

And there is always the chance to learn something else.





902 S. Weber St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Tel:  719-473-6654


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