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Legacy Protector™

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Legacy Protector™

  • Access to our planning team for any estate plan related questions or concerns

  • Annual, comprehensive review of your estate plan

  • Amendment or restatement of your trust as needed

  • Regular updating of your Powers of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization, Living Will and other ancillary documents as needed

  • Updates to your planning documents as required to accommodate changes in the law, name changes, changes in percentages or patterns of distribution and changes to your nominated helpers

  • Continued assistance to ensure your assets remain properly owned and beneficiaries correctly named (the most common area of neglect)

  • Continued enrollment in Legal Directives, an on-line storage and retrieval service, that ensures your important medical documents remain accessible by fax 24/7, world-wide

  • Basic, Will-based estate plan (Wills, Durable Power of Attorney, Medical Power of Attorney, HIPAA Authorization and Living Will) for each of your adult children and their spouses who reside in states where we are licensed to practice (CO, TX, UT, and WY)​

  • Attendance at our educational workshops created to provide you with current and relevant information on estate planning and related topics​

  • A guaranteed cap on settlement fees

*ALL of these benefits are included in your annual membership fee.

Estate Planning Maintenance
and Counseling Program


Planning for Success

Your estate plan’s initial success is the

result of properly counseled, designed

and drafted documents together with

the complete and correct funding of

your planning vehicles.

Your estate plan’s long term success is

dependent on the regular review and

fine tuning of your planning to keep

pace with the myriad changes in every

area of life.

Nothing is certain in life except change.

Over time, changes in family and

financial circumstances will demand

that your plans be modified. Changes

in the law and your attorney’s increased

education and experience will also

create new challenges and planning

opportunities. Bottom line, when

change happens, your estate plan

needs to change as well.

Legacy Protector™ is a structured maintenance and counseling program, designed to keep your estate planning current and effective over your lifetime. Most estate plans fail either because they are not properly funded or because they are not properly maintained. The Legacy Protector™ Program is a proactive strategy specifically designed to minimize the chance of your plan failing when you need it most.

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Legacy Protector™ Coordinator

Laura Hoffman

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Mother and Newborn
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The Johnson's

The Legacy Protector Program, we felt, was the best way that we could protect our investment.  The cost is very reasonable considering all of the value we receive in return.  Joni is great and always keeps us on track and in the loop.  The peace of mind that me and my husband feel that our kids and our grandkids are taken care of when our time comes to leave this earth behind.

Legacy Protector™ Testimonials

For Life, For Love, For Legacy

For our Legacy Protector™ Members

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