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Serving clients throughout the State of Colorado and beyond since 1996.

Our mission is to be the best legal resource for our clients in meeting their unique legal planning objectives. Our focus goes beyond simply designing and implementing legal strategies. We focus on fostering close relationships with our clients and their other professional advisors. We believe that effective legal planning can only be done with the help of a counseling-based, relationship-oriented law firm – we are that law firm.  Successful legal planning is built upon a solid foundation of trust, respect and open communication. Here’s what sets us apart.

We –

  • Focus on defining and meeting our clients’ objectives and not simply on completing a transaction

  • Provide comprehensive, effective legal solutions and not on simply providing a legal “tool”

  • Forge collaborative relationships with our clients’ professional advisors to maximize value to our clients

  • Aggressively pursue the best in continuing legal education and technologies

  • Constantly inform our clients and their advisors about the best legal tools and techniques available

  • Identify legal issues before they become legal problems – planning is far superior to reacting

  • Maintain memberships in the most respected legal and professional organizations

  • Build lasting relationships with our clients so that their plans work when needed and as intended

  • Never lose sight of what our clients decide is best for them and their families

As part of our commitment to client relationships we offer flexible appointments including evenings and weekends as needed.  Initial consultations are generally complimentary and we base our fees for most engagements on flat rates rather than hourly charges.

Forbush Legal clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing their unique legal needs are being expertly and personally addressed.

People sometimes wonder “Why should I invest in my legal planning?”  The answer is simple.  In reality you do not plan for yourself. You plan for your spouse, your children, your grandchildren, your charities – really for everyone important to you.  You plan . . . for them.